Manik Munde is a man of multi-facets. He is writer and a gifted poet whose words cover wide canvas of subjects, their hues as varied as the topics themselves. He writes in Hindi, his mother tounge Marathi and Eglish as well. He is in fact, one of the very few contemporary Hindi writers who are equally at ease in Marathi & English. He is regular on the literary circuit.

Munde’s brillience of work and his administrative abilities have been consistent features of his impeccable character as bureaucrat. He has been praised and patted on the back for his excellence time and again while working in several capacities in different government organizations weather it is his work as a bureaucrat or his pursuits as a writer-poet. Munde belives that "Every calling is great when greatly pursued"

Manik Munde is an alumnus esteemed Marathwada Agreeculture University, Parabhani, having post graduated as Entomologist. Munde has conducted research on “Residues of BHC, DDT & Chlorinated, Hydrocarbons, in food & soil.

He was a recipient of fellowship from department of environment, government of India. Despite of academy excellence Munde also managed to pack-up in athletics.

An Eminent Journalist, a Writer and a Successful Politician describes Manik Munde as under- “Manik Munde’s Poetry has charming, visceral, quality so rare of in our time. He saunters through every day life and discovers moments that he captures with sensitivity & imagination to create a charming chiaroscuro of dreams.”

Manik Munde is a recipient of the prestigious awards like Maharashtra Rajya Hindi Sahitya Acadamy, Abhiyan Setu Samman, Ahindi Bhashi Hindi Seva Samman, Rajiv Gandhi Smruti Samman, & Several others. He is an author of several books in Hindi, English & Marathi. His most awaited books like Adhi Raat Jagane Aaya Hoon, Buddha So God Like, So God Less, The Test of None & Gayeen Ovi Gayeen Naam are awaiting the release.

Manik Munde has been always socially active. He is the man who conceptualised the Satyagraha meaning there by insistent for truth. He is keen on meeting the aims & objectives of this NGO.