About Manik Munde

Born on October 14, 1960, in a village called Sonhivara that is tucked away in a remote corner of rural Maharashtra. Manik Baburao Munde is a former  bureaucrat with a difference . He is a writer and gifted poet whose words cover a wide canvas of subjects, their hues as varied as the topics themselves. He writes in Hindi,English and his mother tongue Marathi. He is, in fact, one of the very few contemporary Marathi writers who are equally at ease in Hindi and are regulars on the Hindi literary circuit.


Manik Munde is a multilingual writer. He is an Author having penned several books in Hindi, Marathi and English. He writes fiction, non-fiction like biographies, philosophy and spirituality based narratives, etc. He has completed two unique, thought provoking works like ‘Buddha, Ati Ishwar Tulya, Ati Nirishwar’ and ‘Aadhi raat jagaane aaya hu’, contemplating on matter and spirit, their interaction and beyond. Some more literary works like ‘The taste of none’, ‘Meera: Bhakti ka amiras’, ‘Mahavir ki raas leela’, ‘Krishna ka Bhavishya’ are in the pipeline.


His poems cover a wide canvas of subjects and bring an ethereal quality to them. Padma Shree Pritish Nandy comments,”Manik Munde’s poetry has a charming visceral quality so rare in our timr. He saunters through everyday life and discovers moments that he captures with sensitivity and imagination to create a charming chiaroscuro of dreams”. Some of his poems have been used in musical compositions in audio video media.

Film Maker

Manik Munde puts on many hats including that of a lyricist, a Scriptwriter and a Film Producer. His musical album ‘Gaar gaar waara’ was released by renowned music label HMV. Eminent Music Directors like Anil Mohile, Ajay Atul, Vishal Bharadwaj, Jatin Lalit have composed the music for his lyrics, including that of a film. A Marathi film ‘Kushi’ is his production, in which the lyrics too were composed by him.

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